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Hearing Impaired Base

Our Base


New Whittington Community Primary School is a mainstream school which has an Enhanced Resource Facility that has been in existence for over 40 years. We cater for children from 3 to 11 years in our nursery, and in our two mainstream bases. 

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We have a specialist Teacher of the Deaf and highly qualified Teaching Assistants, all who have NNEB and BSL qualifications, who work with pupils, parents and medical practitioners to ensure the children receive the best possible levels of support.

The Facility works inclusively within the school, and seeks to support the learning of the children in their mainstream classes.

The levels of support given to the children are assessed on an individual basis. This might range from 100% support for younger children, to a lighter touch for the older or more able. We strive to make the children independent, but will always be there if needed.

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Modes of Communication


We use both Signed Supported English (SSE) and British Sign Language (BSL) whichever is appropriate to the child.

The children have regular speech and language sessions and we are supported by a speech and language therapist from the health authority and county audiologist who monitors hearing aids, hearing levels and radio aids.


At least annually, teachers for the deaf and speech therapist from the Nottingham Cochlear Implant Service visit us to assess the children’s progress.


We do have a policy of promoting quality spoken language whenever possible.

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Integration and Inclusion


The deaf children integrate into their mainstream class whenever appropriate. Inclusion groups are also promoted where the hearing children work in the base with their deaf peers and friends.

The children are withdrawn into the base whenever it is appropriate to their needs. We have special rooms on both school sites that are ideal for specialist speech and language development work. We believe all children can and will achieve, and that a child's deafness should not be a barrier to learning.

Our deaf children are included in everything we do, whether it is going on school trips with their classmates, participating in the school play or music lessons. We believe that barriers to learning can always be overcome.

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Our children wear hearing aids or cochlear Implants. To ensure sound quality, each of our classrooms and corridors have lowered ceilings and are carpeted. The classrooms, hall and computer suite are fitted with Soundfield Systems which means that the teacher's voice is amplified for all the children. The deaf children also benefit from radio aids which ensures that they receive direct input of the teacher's voice into their aids.

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Our deaf children are monitored carefully to ensure that they are making the best possible progress. We are aware that deaf children nationally do not make the same progress as their hearing peers so we strive to ensure that this does not happen here by working hard to improve their speech and language skills, social skills, numeracy, and literacy.  

We want our children to be happy and successful and be able to take their place in the deaf and/or hearing world.



Wednesday 10th February 2016

We were very pleased to welcome back Dr Paul Whittaker O.B.E to New Whittington Primary School.

He is a deaf musician who founded a charity called Music and the Deaf. He has since left the charity and is working freelance, giving talks, working in schools and using his expertise to work with other organisations around the world.

Dr Paul Whittaker

One of his skills is combining his musical background, {he has a music degree from Oxford University}, with his signing, enabling him to create a unique lyrical signed singing performance.

We were very lucky that he came to share his knowledge with us.

The Day

Paul started with a music workshop including the deaf children in the nursery and reception and their friends.

We created a 'sound story' and some musical rhythms. Then he taught all the nursery and reception children a signed song. Finally Paul came into assembly and all the KS1 children signed 'Its good to be me'. It was great to see them all join in.

After lunch Paul and his interpreter Stephen came down to London Street. Here again he did a music workshop with a small group of year 5 and 6 children.

Next all the year 6's were taught a very rousing 'Rockin' all over the world' and 'Mama Mia' complete with air guitar and some sassy moves!

Paul's last assignment was to teach all the children at London Street the signs to the beautiful song 'Believe'

It was magical to see them all participation and with such enthusiasm.

A great day was had by all. Many children have asked if he can come again. I hope that he will be able to as we all had such a good time.



I would like to thank Martin Thacker and his family for their generous donation which made the day possible. Thank you.

Where are they now?


After the children have left New Whittington base we like to keep in touch with them. Many of them pop into school either alone, with their peers or occasionally with their children!!


So to all those out there who would like to add to this page please get in touch.


We would like to start off by saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Nick Palfreyman who gained his doctorate from the University of Central Lancashire in July. 


It was lovely to be invited to share in his success with

family, colleagues and friends recently at his parent's house.