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Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.



This is our School Council motto. It was written by the Councillors. The school council is here to serve the pupils at New Whittington Primary School.
If you decide something is important and needs sorting out, then our job us to provide a solution that works and then to make sure it happens!

Article 13 of the UN Rights of the Child states that every child has a right to express their opinion and for it to be listened to.

We believe this is extremely important - and pupils' opinions are very important in our school. Through our School Council, children express their satisfaction and concern with things in school that they consider important.

Most importantly, they resolve to change things that are causing concern. Where they can take responsibility for making those changes they do so. Sometimes they look to adults in the school to help them make the changes.

Meet Our School Council 2016-17

Meet Our School Council 2016-17 1
Meet Our School Council 2016-17 2

November 2016 Meeting

October 2016 Meeting

October 2016 - School Council Letter

June 2016 - School Council Update Meeting

April 2016


The school council have been deliberating this week, analysing a large selection of ‘Rubbish’ posters! This is due to a whole school poster competition. All pupils were asked to design an anti-littering poster, to support our campaign, to care for the school environment. Here you can see photographs of the decision making process and the six KS2 winners. KS1 winners will be selected next week.

School Council Poster Competition

March 2016


The School Council need your help! We take pride in our school environment. Today we completed a litter pick, we were surprised at the amount of rubbish we found. We want to care for our environment so, please help us to keep it litter free.


Thank you,


NWCPS Council


February 2016


Discussion about having new high quality Mathematic texts books in school.

Pupils reviewed and discussed three different companies; Rising Stars Mathematics, Maths – No Problem! and Inspire Maths.

November 2015


David and Savana presented a problem to our London Street School Council members. They have discovered that due to schools being classed as a business they are not allocated with a green or blue bin to recycle. David and Savana have asked our School Council members to address this and write a letter to the local authority.

During the coming week the councillors will be talking to their classes about the problem, researching who we may need to talk to and interviewing members of staff. We have agreed to meet next week (1st December) to discuss our findings and start compiling a suitable letter.

Recycling presentation at School Council - By David and Savana