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Our Local Cluster of Schools have agreed on an Attendance Policy Booklet that all the Schools will use.

Information about Attendance

If your child is absent or late from school please remember to call us so we can mark it in the registers. If we haven't heard from you we will text you about the absence. On the third day of absence we aim to do a home visit to check your child is safe and well. If we have concerns we will speak to the Multi Agency Team (MAT Team) for advice. Continuous unauthorised absence could result in a penalty notice being issued. (Please see our attendance policy for more information)


Holidays/ exceptional circumstances

If you would like to apply for a holiday please complete an "exceptional circumstances" form. Only exceptional reasons will be authorised and evidence may be needed to support your application. Please send this back to school with 2 weeks notice. An unauthorised holiday could result in a penalty notice being issued. 

Absence for special circumstances form

2014- 2015 Annual Attendance Data

Attendance 2015 - 2016

Parents information about Penalty Notices