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Visions and Values

Vision Statement:


Working together to be happy and successful.



To provide a caring and stimulating environment where everyone will develop a love of learning and achieve their maximum academic and personal potential.



To provide a warm welcoming secure environment for all children
To encourage, value and extend every child’s contribution to the school
To recognise and celebrate success in everyone
To provide a broad, balanced, carefully planned curriculum
To build strong collaborative partnerships with families and the local community
To encourage and enable the continuous professional development of all staff


Our Key Values:

We have high expectations
We put people first
We value everyone
We are excited when children learn
We encourage through praise and reward
We enable everyone to believe in themselves
We are a mutually supportive community
We love learning new things We enjoy sharing our successes
We enjoy finding new ways of thinking We enjoy challenges
We take care of, enjoy and respect our environment
It is important that we feel successful
We get excited when we learn something new
We all feel good about ourselves
We enjoy working as a team and also learn to become independent
We value life-long learning



To care for and support all children equally regardless of race, sex, ethnic group, religion or special needs
To enable every child to achieve their full potential and to demonstrate excellence
To offer a broad, exciting and relevant curriculum that recognises and supports individual learning needs
To promote high standards of learning and achievement
To expect high quality academic work
To equip every child with the personal resources they will need for the future
To have high personal and social expectations of all children
To promote high standards of behaviour through firm but fair relationships
To encourage respect for others
To encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions
To work in partnership with parents To work in partnership with the community
To operate in a happy, well maintained, safe, clean and attractive school